How CARMA Works

CARMA, the Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Mobile Application, is an ACLS tool designed to help guide practitioners through bedside resuscitation. Preliminary trials using the algorithm presented in CARMA has resulted in an 80% increase in patient survival of a CPR event.

CARMA has four independent countdown timers, swipe-able Ventricular Tachycardia & Ventricular Fibrillation and Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA) reference pages. There is  a complete list of select-able Diagnostic Tips (H's and T's) and recommended medication and non-medication treatment solutions. CARMA is an invaluable, portable tool for healthcare professionals in the resuscitation of patients experiencing cardiopulmonary arrest.

CARMA includes an audible CPR metronome which defaults to 100 beats/minute, and timers for Epinephrine, Amniodarone and code duration. The duration timer prompts the leader to reevaluate every 30 minutes.  Each timer has a unique vibrate feature when it completes its  cycle. All of CARMA's timer durations, rates and audible features are configurable through CARMA's preferences menu.

CARMA also features a logging process that automatically tracks all activities within a session.  They include timer starts and stops, H's and T's selections, rhythm, medication and non-drug intervention selections.  Each event is time stamped for easy review.  In addition, the session log can be easily emailed for archiving purposes.  In conformance with HIPAA requirements, no patient information is stored in the log and the log does not reside in the physical space of the mobile device.  Once the application exits or is reset, the log is deleted.

CARMA is an  ACLS tool which gives healthcare providers the ability to better manage cardio-pulmonary events. It guides the provider through ACLS protocols in real time at the bedside utilizing the 2014 American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines, leading to better outcomes.

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User Experiences

  • During a stressful situation, it helps to keep everyone on track...

    As a critical care and rapid response nurse, I use this app frequently. It helps to provide timing for medications, compressions and therapies. During a stressful situation, it helps to keep everyone on track and improve patient outcomes.

    SusanB_RN | Apple User

  • Easy to use and a valuable tool for running a code.

    Excellent App! Easy to use and a valuable tool for running a code. The timers enable you to concentrate on the patient instead of watching the clock. The code summary makes documentation so much easier. It has everything you need to be an effective team leader.

    Cathy Bigda | Google Play User

  • Awesome App!

    Great update. Great tool for cardiac arrest in the field, and for passing AHA "Heartcode" (ACLS simulation training). Every detail makes a difference in a code. This app will certainly make us all more efficient. 5 stars.

    ldayhoff0908 | Google Play User

  • Life Saved

     Thanks CARMA for helping us save a life today!

    Deborah, Trumbull | Facebook Fan