Welcome to the CARMA App FAQ.
Yes! CARMA has been adopted by many hospitals and providers, installing our app across all staff smart devices. Please check the about us page for current contact info.
CARMA's CPR timer can be used by anyone, however, the drug functions would only be of use to trained and certified medical personell.
Currently, CARMA works on either APPLE or ANDROID powered smartphones and tablets. Please signup for our newsletter to be notified of updates.
  • Good quality CPR is essential for a person to survive a cardiac arrest.

    Actions speak louder than words. Click on the link below and read about the Spokane Valley paramedics effort to resuscitate a patient in cardiac arrest.

  • CARMA presents at the American College of Cardiology

    Bringing good CARMA today!

  • "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees is a real life saver!

    When performing chest compressions, the American Heart Association standard calls for 100-120 compressions per minute. To keep the pace, press along to the beat of "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gees. It will keep you at the right rate and help...

  • The training continues. Spreading the word about CPR.

    We trained 425 people in hands only CPR and AED use at the "Hands For Life" event held in Westport CT. Learn CPR Today!

  • Find a CPR class in your area!

    All week long we have been talking about the importance of CPR. On this last day of CPR week, we want to help you find a CPR class in your area. The American Heart Association makes it easy to find a CPR class. FIND A CPR CLASS NEAR YOU!

User Experiences

  • During a stressful situation, it helps to keep everyone on track...

    As a critical care and rapid response nurse, I use this app frequently. It helps to provide timing for medications, compressions and therapies. During a stressful situation, it helps to keep everyone on track and improve patient outcomes.

    SusanB_RN | Apple User

  • Easy to use and a valuable tool for running a code.

    Excellent App! Easy to use and a valuable tool for running a code. The timers enable you to concentrate on the patient instead of watching the clock. The code summary makes documentation so much easier. It has everything you need to be an effective team leader.

    Cathy Bigda | Google Play User

  • Awesome App!

    Great update. Great tool for cardiac arrest in the field, and for passing AHA "Heartcode" (ACLS simulation training). Every detail makes a difference in a code. This app will certainly make us all more efficient. 5 stars.

    ldayhoff0908 | Google Play User

  • Life Saved

     Thanks CARMA for helping us save a life today!

    Deborah, Trumbull | Facebook Fan