About Gloria, CARMA inventor.

Gloria has been a nurse since 1987. Most of her career has been spent in the Emergency Department in an acute care hospital in Connecticut . She in an instructor in basic life support, advanced cardiac life support and pediatric advanced life support. In addition, Gloria has certifications in Emergency Nursing, Critical Care Nursing and a certification in Cardiac Medication. Most recently, Gloria transitioned into the role of educational specialist, concentrating on resuscitation.

Outside of the hospital setting, Gloria created and advanced life support app called CARMA for Life, a bedside advanced cardiac life support app that guides the provider in real time through cardiac resuscitation.  Gloria teaches community CPR classes, she is also a Commissioner of EMS for the town of Easton, and volunteers for the Connecticut State Board of Education as a consultant to develop CPR and AED curriculum to comply with the required high school graduation standards.

Gloria, along with several cardiologists are the founding members of the Connecticut Cardiology Foundation whose mission is to “To provide the citizens and businesses of Connecticut the tools and education to maintain cardiovascular health and cardiovascular awareness.”


How CARMA came to life. 

Throughout her almost thirty years of experience as an Emergency Room Nurse and Education Specialist, Gloria became frustrated with the lack of organization and accountability she often saw while treating patients in a Code Blue or cardiac arrest. In compliance with the American Heart Association algorithms, she helped create new protocols, establishing concrete roles for medical professionals responding to a code with clearly defined responsibilities.  This also created a more reliable mechanism for recording data.

Under these new protocols, Gloria's hospital saw great success. Their survival of event rate soared to 78 percent, well above the national average. In addition, the more organized collection of code data lead to greater accountability and easy identification of mistakes.

Now, Gloria has made her approach available to all medical professionals with the CARMA For Life App. The app allows the practitioner to concentrate on the reversible causes of a cardiac arrest and times critical aspects of the code for you. In addition, CARMA For Life features an integrated data collection system that allows for easy evaluation of the code post-event and accurate documentation.

User Experiences

  • During a stressful situation, it helps to keep everyone on track...

    As a critical care and rapid response nurse, I use this app frequently. It helps to provide timing for medications, compressions and therapies. During a stressful situation, it helps to keep everyone on track and improve patient outcomes.

    SusanB_RN | Apple User

  • Easy to use and a valuable tool for running a code.

    Excellent App! Easy to use and a valuable tool for running a code. The timers enable you to concentrate on the patient instead of watching the clock. The code summary makes documentation so much easier. It has everything you need to be an effective team leader.

    Cathy Bigda | Google Play User

  • Awesome App!

    Great update. Great tool for cardiac arrest in the field, and for passing AHA "Heartcode" (ACLS simulation training). Every detail makes a difference in a code. This app will certainly make us all more efficient. 5 stars.

    ldayhoff0908 | Google Play User

  • Life Saved

     Thanks CARMA for helping us save a life today!

    Deborah, Trumbull | Facebook Fan